Order efficiently and keep your inventory up to date.

Book&Store inventory and order management system for all dental and medical clinics.

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One system, all necessary features

Centralized ordering from multiple suppliers

Order simultaneously from several suppliers from the same system. The system automatically recommends ordering based on your order history.

Savings in material expenses

Optimal ordering cycle improves inventory turnover and reduces inventory size. Capital invested in stock is reduced and inventory loss decreases.

Produce inventories faster

Create detailed inventory reports in real-time with ease.

Manage all your clinics

Centralized product catalog allows for fast and easy management of all your clinics.

Real-time reporting

Comprehensive reports of material expenditure, order history and real-time inventory.

Compatible with different storage solutions

The system does not require fixed shelf locations or storage rearrangements.

Automatic order recommendations

Ensures sufficient material availability with automatic ordering recommendations based on product-specific stock triggers.

Solid customer service

Telephone support and continuous updates. We help you in building a suitable solution according to your needs.

Designed for the user

Book&Store has been designed in active collabortion with its customers in various different environments while considering today's requirements. User-centricity of the system takes into account users' needs and provides an easily approachable solution for handling everyday tasks effectively.

Fast and reliable

Cloud-based solution guarantees both operational reliability and speed and does not require installing any additional software applications or components.

Intuitive and user-friendly

The user interface was designed in collaboration with users in real environments to ensure a convenient and easily approachable solution.


Using the system requires only a modern web browser and can be used on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Real-time inventory management for today's needs

Book&Store offers a solution to time-consuming everyday tasks while saving time in inventory management, ordering and product catalog management. Real-time inventory monitoring allows for timely and efficient ordering of products and saves time in producing inventories.

Collect products

Required products are collected from the storage.

Register products

Collected products are registered into the system with a simple graphical interface. The system monitors stock quantities of products in real-time to prevent any product from running out of stock.

Expenditure monitoring

When products are running out of stock the system recommends making an order based on product-specific triggers. Orders can be also made manually at any point according to your needs.

Create an order

Created orders are automatically grouped by suppliers previously set for each product.

Produce an inventory

Producing an inventory is fast and saves valuable time.

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What our customers say

Decrease in material costs is around 12% in annual savings.

Sari Holmberg, Chief dentist
City of Porvoo

Inventory management becomes easier. You can order materials and instruments with the same system. Great and comprehensive reports. Great customer support.

Maija Pulkkinen, Head nurse
Joint Municipal Authority of Karviainen

Tens of thousands of euros in annual material savings.

Private dental clinic in Helsinki

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